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Trunk cover for Caterham Seven

Trunk cover for Caterham Seven


This is a trunk cover specifically designed for the Caterham Seven, which is compatible with the folding soft top.

The cover is made with the same Haartz fabric as the folding soft top.

You can choose from black, dark brown, beige, burgundy, or blue as the fabric color.

There are over 100 stitching thread and piping options available.

All covers are made to order.

Please note that additional charges may apply if there are specific customization requests.

Please watch the video to see the functionality and quality.

Here is the URL for the video:

Note: Since there may be variations in the positioning of the hooks for each vehicle, please align the hooks according to your vehicle when installing.

The cover should fit the Injection generation models, but for older models or those with modified roll bars, please contact us for further discussion.

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