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Air intake with air flow partition for Seven: 160

Air intake with air flow partition for Seven: 160


* For right-hand drive!


  • Product Info

    A power filter type air cleaner box for Caterham Seven 160.

    I am the owner of Seven 160 and enjoy driving on the circuit from public roads. Previously, a bare power filter was installed in the space behind the radiator, but as soon as the engine warms up, the output drops and the acceleration begins to lose to the normal Alto Works.

    When I searched for the cause, I sucked in the heat of the radiator and the intake air temperature exceeded 70 degrees. When the temperature rises by 1 degree, oxygen in the air drops by 0.366%, so if the difference between the outside air temperature and the intake air temperature becomes large, it means an oxygen deficiency state.

    This part was developed there.

    As a characteristic, by using the side of the body and the bonnet surface to make an air cleaner box, it is possible to secure a capacity to accommodate the mushroom type air filter, and unlike the air cleaner box type, intake air is not affected by the heat of the engine room. It will be possible. It is the data compared with the circuit driving at 15 degrees outside air. When the water temperature is 95 degrees or higher, the exposed power filter is behind the radiator and the intake air temperature is 62 degrees, and when using this part, it was 26 degrees. It is a difference of 36 degrees compared to the exposed back of the radiator. That means a difference in oxygen concentration of 13.176% at 36 degrees x 0.366%. Furthermore, this is a difference of 25.0344% if the boost is 0.9 at 1 atm (sorry if the calculation is wrong). Also, if you install it on the back of the radiator, the filter will be very dirty. This product can take in the outside air efficiently, and there is no doubt that the intake sound will be powerful and motivated. This part is made to order, so it may take some time to ship if it is out of stock. Basically, it is made so that it can be installed by bolt-on, but since it is made by measuring from my car, the Caterham car is handmade, so there may be some errors. Since it is made in consideration of the error, please adjust it to a good position when installing. If you use it together with the short muffler that is exhibited at the same time, the response will be even better.


    This is an explanation video of the air cleaner BOX.

  • Product Info

    This is a power filter with air flow partition for Seven 160, 170 and  270.

    Increses power and response.

    -The website is still under construction so it shows in Japanese YEN. Payment through Paypal is welcome.-

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