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IC duct fan for Seven 160

IC duct fan for Seven 160



  • Product Info

    The Caterham Seven 160 cannot cool the compressed air efficiently in the intercooler, so I made a part that can cool it efficiently using a PC fan.

    It is possible to attach a fan directly, but since only a part of it can be cooled, a duct can be created and an air chamber can be provided to cool it with maximum efficiency.

    The product is a product that has a PC fan attached, wiring is processed for terminals, and operation is confirmed.

    However, the installed PC fan is a commercially available one.

    We will only deal with initial defects, but since it is used for purposes other than its original purpose, it may break immediately or may last a long time.

    If it breaks, replace it yourself.

    There are cases where it has been used for several years, and the durability is unknown, but it is cheap and can be easily replaced, so please bid if you understand. It will be a made-to-order product. If the production line is vacant, it can be manufactured immediately, but if it is set up, it may take a week or more to ship.


    The following video is an experimental video that demonstrates the effect.

    This is a video of the set contents and installation instructions.

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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